Solar Roof

The first of its kind in the industry, Solar Roofs by Vnext upgrade the conventional roofing system with solar panels that power your building with clean, renewable energy. Unlike conventional solar panelling, the stylishly designed Vnext Solar Roofs add to the aesthetics of your building and are cost efficient.

Like all our other products, Solar Roofs are also eco-friendly and help manage your resources by converting them into a usable energy source.

Superior thermal resistance

The thermal efficiency of Vsolar Roof is extremely high and greatly reduces the heat transfer into the building. This translates to an energy saving of 6% for the entire building.

Extraordinary load reduction

In comparison with regular RCC sloped roofs, Vsolar Roof reduces the dead load by 48%.

Sound and noise mitigation

When compared with GV sheets, the noise created by rain and other external factors is entirely mitigated with the use of Vsolar Roof.

Zero maintenance

Vnext’s Solar Roof requires no maintenance and is guaranteed to last for 25 years.

Smart Roofing

Get real-time updates of your power consumption on your smartphone. This will enable you to monitor and regulate your consumption and see the difference Solar Roofs make!


Vnext’s Solar Roofing system are absolutely non-hazardous as they are fire & electric shock resistant. They do not cause any radiations and are safe to use in homes and industrial buildings.


Like all our other products, Vnext’s Solar Roof is completely eco-friendly.

Key benefits of Vnext’s Solar Roofs


Due to the reduced installed Capex, the payback is much faster than regular roof solars

Green alternative

Solar panels minimise your use of conventional energy resources and are eco-friendly

Extraordinary technology

The Roofing and Solar Energy resource employs state-of-the-art technology to bring together functionality, efficiency and the sensibilities of aesthetic design.

Neutralising costs

Rising energy costs incurred by industries can be neutralized by the electricity these solar roofs generate

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